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With her down to earth nature and light-hearted delivery, her coaching style is fun and easily palatable for the participants. She has an extensive skating background that not only lends itself to spot-on demonstrations, but gives her the ability to break things down for every skill level. Collaboration with her was a dream, and I hope I get to work with her again some time soon.
Scald EagleRose City Rollers
Urrk'n is a very experienced and skilled skater and trainer!   The skills that she has taught me have helped me greatly improve my skating skills and derby strategy overall. I am so glad to have the opportunity to learn from her!
Unchained MaladyFoco Roller Derby

Urrk'n Jerk'n has been the best coach I have ever had. Urrk'n makes sure we work as a team, not as individuals. She is always willing to correct us to make us better skaters.

Urrk'n shows us what dedication and passion means to the sport of roller derby and each other. I want to sincerely thank Urrk'n for being a great coach and passing on her love of derby.

D Blu DemonFoco Spartans Junior Roller Derby
She knows how to break individual skills down to the basics so that anyone can learn. Because of her continued drive and dedication, and her desire to see others reach their own potential, I think she’s one of the best skating trainers around. If ever the opportunity arose where I could train and skate with her again, I would in a heartbeat.
Stacie “Midge Mayhem” WilhelmDenver Roller Derby