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5 Video Courses that will help teach you how to pass WFTDA minimum skills.
Get your Plow on

7 videos                

Stop on a dime anywhere on the track. Learn how to use your plows to control the jammer while blocking and help keep your pack in play while taking a hit from your opponent.

7 tricks for Hockey stops

7 videos + a bonus video   

Change your game with a powerful hockey stop, not just for ice rinks anymore this skill allows you to switch direction and control your momentum to avoid a penalty.

Better Strides for your 27/5

6 videos 

Do you struggle with your 27/5?Strides are here for you.  Learn how to get more power out of your strides.

Cross like a Pro

6 videos + 2 bonus videos

Get more power and distance out of each cross and be more stable for impact without sacrificing your speed.

Jump right in the mix

7 videos  

Avoid a fallen skater, clear the apex and juke a wall.

Coming Soon - Backwards technique for game play

6 videos 

Flip everything you thought you knew about skating and turn it around backwards. Your skill set is about to blow up.

Do you ever become stuck or struggle with a skill and wish you had someone to watch you and give you feedback?
Well you are in luck, DIY Derby comes with video review... Just take video, upload it and send it to receive instant feedback.

Frith Palinski (Grizz Le Bear) (Nelson, New Zealand)

I took her advice and applied it and practiced and practiced and finally jumping happened for me"

​"When Urrk'n is helping you she listens and watches (by video) really carefully when you have a problem with a skill and gives great advice - the tips she gave me on jumping really helped."

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