Our Mission is to bring good skating technique to both trainers and individuals alike. We believe that good training inspires a love of the game and a life-long dedication to the sport.


Starting Urrk'n Derby has been a passion of mine, seeing people learn and get "aha" moments is an amazing feeling. Urrk'n Derby programs take the frustration out of learning and teaching skills by breaking them down into easy to digest instruction that builds on the previous skill.

Trainer Academy

Are you a new trainer needing a process?
Do you already have a group of trainers and are wanting to train your recruits consistently?

Take your new recruits from skating skills to
derby-ready in six weeks and receive a
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 Melissa Okpokwasili
Bang Bang 

 HeavyArmHer Roller Derby Fort Irwin, CA 


Each video breaks down the skill to be learned in a step by step tutorial and builds upon the next video. The learned skill becomes fluid because I am not just showing  what I am doing to perform the skill but I am breaking it down according to the videos and the skaters are really responding.

11 months ago, I had never heard of roller derby, and signed up for my leagues learn to skate program never having stood on roller skates, and never having played any sport. I was slow picking up the skills, and stumbled upon your videos while I was looking for descriptions of how to break the skills up further. I love the descriptions of the body mechanics and edging, details that are hard to pick up just from a demonstration.

Kelly Timmons
Nova Scotia Canada

I am so glad to have the opportunity to learn from her!

​Urrk'n is a very experienced and skilled skater and trainer! The skills that she has taught me have helped me greatly improve my skating skills and derby strategy overall. "

Malorie Mae Gilbert (Mal) FoCo Roller Derby