What can the Trainer Academy program do for my league?
Trainer Academy is a full training system designed to teach your new recruits skating form and technique for roller derby. It allows your trainers the ability to teach the same information from class to class so your recruits get a consistent experience. It also offers skaters the opportunity to review the material they learned at practice outside of practice via the online videos.

Who is Trainer Academy for?
New recruits are the backbone of your league. This program was developed to give them a strong set of skating skills so that when they join the rest of your league for contact and gameplay they are stable, strong and confident. 

Does Trainer Academy teach the WFTDA minimum skills?
Trainer Academy has a results-based approach to giving new recruits a balanced and complete skill set which helps them throughout their derby career. It was not developed to teach just to WFTDA minimum skills, our trainers have had success with their classes surpassing WFTDA minimum skills.

What do I get with the Trainer Academy program?
When you sign up for the Trainer Academy program you get a login that allows your league access to a six week downloadable training syllabus and diagrams for the obstacle courses on the syllabus. along with the syllabus and obstacle courses you will receive access to 70+ videos which cover teaching technique, evaluating form, skills, drills, warm-ups  and obstacle courses to put everything together.