Discover the Skater Academy Secrets!

Do you want to be better at playing Roller Derby?

Are you looking for a learn to skate program geared towards Roller Derby?

Do you search YouTube for skating skills?

If you answered yes to any of these questions than look no further Trainer Academy can help! 

Do you want to be better at playing Roller Derby?

How would it feel to have a program that takes the guess workout of when, how and what skills to learn?   A training program that makes learning and understanding skills easier.  Where you pick up skills faster, have a stronger understanding of skating skills and are ready to play derby sooner.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a program that breaks down each skill into step by step instruction and builds weekly to help you become a better derby player faster?  

With Trainer Academy you receive access to a 6 week curriculum that shows you when, how and what skills to train weekly. The Trainer Academy 6 week curriculum includes instructional videos on how to learn skills along with obstacle courses that cover previously learned skills. When following the curriculum, you are taught new skills weekly, practice previously learned skills during the warm up, obstacle course and drills.   Repetition is an important factor in Trainer Academy because it helps you maintain your previously learned skills and helps you to have a better understanding of how to skate. 

What you get with the Trainer Academy program!

70+ Skills & Warm-up Videos

Obstacle Courses and Videos

10+ Bonus Videos

Skater Support

Archived Videos

Are you looking for a learn to skate program geared towards Roller Derby?

Most programs teach to minimum skills, it's important for skaters to learn skating skills before derby play is taught.  If skaters are learning how to play derby and still don't have their skating skills down they will be focusing on skating and not how to play derby.  With Trainer Academy we teach you skating skills while incorporating basic derby skills.

Do you search YouTube for skating skills videos?

Are you tired of looking on YouTube for ways to skate better? always in search of some type of video to help explain a skill. Some videos can be long and never get to the point. With Trainer Academy you will have access to our videos which are short and sweet. You will no longer feel the frustration of searching for that skill or watching endless videos. You will have step by step videos that follow the Trainer Academy curriculum with 24/7 access to these videos via a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.   With Trainer Academy you will surpass your minimum skills.

By choosing Urrk'n Derby Trainer Academy you get the following benefits:

No more Guess work!

No more wondering when you will learn a skill.

Trainer Academy helps with how, what and when to learn skills.

You will surpass your minimum skills test.

an outlined minute-by-minute curriculum will help you achieve minimum skills in 6 weeks.  

With Trainer Academy skills are taught and learned within a time limit so you are able to have a laid out practice for you to learn on your own.

Progression from one skill to the next.

The skills are broken down into understandable parts!

With Trainer Academy we break down the skills and then build on them to make them easier to understand. 

Each practice is scheduled to be repeated so you get the muscle memory for each skill.

What our Skaters Say:

Improved my skating skills and derby strategy... 

Urrk'n is a very experienced and skilled skater and trainer! The skills that she has taught me have helped me greatly improve my skating skills and derby strategy overall. I am so glad to have the opportunity to learn from her!

Malerie Mae Gilbert // Skater

Love the descriptions of the body mechanics and edging....

11 months ago, I had never heard of roller derby, and signed up for my leagues learn to skate program never having stood on roller skates, and never having played any sport. I was slow picking up the skills, and stumbled upon your videos while I was looking for descriptions of how to break the skills up further. I love the descriptions of the body mechanics and edging, details that are hard to pick up just from a demonstration.

Kelly Timmons  //  Skater 

Learn on a consistent base skill set..

I had been through fresh meat programs with three leagues and the training was hit and miss.  Urrk'n Derby gave me a way to make sure that I was learning  a consistent base skill set.  

Rebecca Richter - Ruby Snap // Skater New York

Learned skills become fluid...

"Each video breaks down the skill to be learned in a step by step tutorial and builds upon the next video. The learned skill becomes fluid because I am able to break down the skill according to the videos and I'm really responding."

Melissa Okpokwasili Bang Bang  //  Skater California

Easily transition yourself into the training program!

Doesn't matter your level of skill, whether you're a newbie or a seasoned skater, this program is for you, skaters of all levels have used this program and have experienced breakthroughs in their skating skills.  They have been able to surpass the minimum skills required by their leagues and have been able to advance faster to playing Roller Derby.  They are able to focus more on playing roller derby then worrying about standing on their skates.  Their confidence exceeds their teammates and makes them better derby players and teammates both on and off the track.

Get unlimited access to all the videos in theTrainer Academy series via home computer, laptop, tablet or phone.

Summary of What you will Get....

70+ Skills & Warm-up Videos

Obstacle Courses and Videos

10+ Bonus Videos

Training Curriculum

Skater Support

Archived videos