Discover the Trainer Academy Secrets!

Does your league have difficulty  
training new recruits?

Does your league struggle with finding trainers to train new recruits?

Does your league have consistent trainers for new recruits and no process?

Look no further; with Trainer Academy your league will have a repeatable process for your new recruits.   

What your league gets with the Trainer Academy program!

70+ Skills & Warm-up Videos

Obstacle Courses and Videos

10+ Bonus Videos

New Recruit Training Syllabus

Trainer Support

Unlimited Users *within your league

Trainer Academy: so much more than minimum skills

In the past, I felt like we taught minimum skills, not derby skills (if that makes sense). Then, once they passed off on minimum skills we started teaching derby. With your program we are starting derby skills from day 1. Our vets were shocked at what our freshies were doing and completely in awe that they were skating backwards and in pace lines by the 2nd night of practice. I am super excited that this is just what our league needs to build a strong team.

Tracie White Space Invader

-Coach/Head Trainer

Why skating skills are important in Roller Derby!

Most programs teach to minimum skills, it's important for new skaters to learn skating skills before derby play is taught.  If skaters are learning how to play derby and still don't have skating skills they will be focusing on skating and not how to play derby.  Trainer Academy helps trainers teach new recruits skating skills while incorporating basic derby skills.

Are you tired of looking on YouTube for ways to make your new recruits better? always in search of some type of video to help explain a skill.  Some videos can be long and never get to the point. With Trainer Academy your new recruits and trainers have access to our videos which are short and sweet. They will no longer feel the frustration of searching for that skill or watching endless videos. They will have step by step videos that follow the Trainer Academy syllabus with 24/7 access to these videos via a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.  Even if your new recruits miss a practice they will be able to watch videos from that weeks training and stay current.

Are you the only trainer in your league?

Are you the only trainer in your league and you are getting burnt out and need a break, do you feel like you don't have time to train new trainers? Then Trainer Academy is for your league, with Trainer Academy your league of new trainers will follow the same syllabus and videos. The best part is, training no longer falls solely on one persons shoulders.

When I first started coaching; getting a group of trainers on the same page and teaching the same things was complicated.  I would teach each new trainer what they needed to teach.  It was time consuming and most people forgot what I had shown them.  That's why I developed Trainer Academy.  With Trainer Academy this process has become streamlined. No more misunderstandings on what to teach or how to teach it, trainers & skaters follow the same syllabus and have access to the same videos.

By choosing Urrk'n Derby Trainer Academy you get the following benefits:

No more Guess work!

Does your recruit program have no rhyme or reason, is there no consistency within your program?

The Urrk'n Derby Trainer Academy helps with how, what and when to teach skills.

Bonus: with access for the whole league everyone will always be on the same page.

Practices are outlined minute-by-minute
so skills are easily digested.

Do you ever get to the end of practice and feel like you had more to work on but ran out of time?  

With Trainer Academy skills are taught and learned within a time limit to keep things moving so you can cover more.

Progression from one skill to the next.

Do you struggle with breaking skills down into understandable parts?

With the Urrk'n DerbyTrainer Academy program we teach you and your league how to break down the skills and build upon them. 

Each practice is scheduled to be repeated so your new recruits get the muscle memory for each skill.

What our Trainers Say:

Each video breaks down the skill to be learned in a step by step tutorial and builds upon the next video. The learned skill becomes fluid because I am not just showing  what I am doing to perform the skill but I am breaking it down according to the videos and the skaters are really responding."

Melissa Okpokwasili Bang Bang Trainer

I had been through fresh meat programs with three leagues and the training was hit and miss.  Urrk'n Derby gives leagues a way to make sure that they are giving their recruits a consistent base skill set.  We have had less turn over and more prepared skaters since using the program." 

​​​​Rebecca Richter Ruby Snap - Trainer

Easily transition new trainers & new recruits into
the training program!

Get unlimited access to all the videos in theTrainer Academy series via home computer, laptop, tablet or phone.

Summary of What your league will Get....

70+ Skills & Warm-up Videos

Obstacle Courses and Videos

10+ Bonus Videos

New Recruit Training Syllabus

Trainer Support

Unlimited Users *within your league